Darryl Allan Smith

Darryl Allan Smith was born in Detroit, Michigan and got his start as an artist at the early age of 5. As a teenager at Mumford High he was voted “Most Outstanding Artist” and later graduated at the top of his class in the field of architectural design. He attended the Center for Creative Studies in Michigan for three years, and later transferred to Art Center in Pasadena, CA. During this time Darryl worked for the African-American Museum in Los Angeles, CA; and as an art director on music videos for 2 Pac, Ice Cube, Snoop Dog, and a host of others.

Project Statement: Psychedelic Shack

In the lyrics of the song “Psychedelic Shack” by the Temptations, they say - “Psychedelic Shack that's where its at, let me tell you about a place I know. To get in it doesn't take much dough. It's a place where you can really do your thing. You can have your fortune told, You can learn the meaning of soul, Psychedelic Shack that's where its at.” My mural is built up from houses and stories from the neighborhood I grew up in, that is why I am ecstatic to work on this project.